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1. Will there be parking at the venue?

Coler Mountain has limited parking with around 100 parking spaces.

Bentonville Fairgounds has unlimited parking.

2. Is camping available?

Coler Mountain has limited camping with around 15 van/self contained spaces.

Bentonville Fairgounds has RV parking.

3. Are pets allowed?

Dogs, Cats & other PETS are NOT permitted on the Bentonville Fairgrounds or Coler Mountain Reserve during the Amped Electric Games unless they are essential aids to people with disabilities.

5. What should I bring to the Amped Electric Games?

Your wheel(s)
Wheel Charger
Phone charger
Surge protector
Warm clothes
Bug spray
Rain gear
Safety gear
Extra shoes

6. What safety gear is required?

Knee/Shin guards
Wrist guards

Highly advised:
Elbow guards
Chest/Back protector
Impact shorts

*subject to change, so be prepared with everything if possible

7. I ordered a jersey, when will I get it?

Jerseys will be delivered prior to the games, if you are attending you will get them upon checking in.

If you aren’t attending you’ll probably receive your jersey about a week after the end of the games.

8. I want to ship my wheel, what address should I use?

Ship your wheels to the following address, and then complete the shipment tracking form.

Benton County Fairground
C/O Amped Electric Games
7640 SW Regional Airport Blvd
Bentonville, AR 72713