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I have been sending EUCs for almost 2 years now. I grew up downhill skateboarding, snowboarding, and most recently rode Onewheels before converting to EUC. My mission is to fully realize the send potential of the electric unicycle by jumping higher and further than ever thought possible. I am beyond stoked for the Amped Electric Games⚡️🤘😜

I’ve been riding EUCs since 2019. I learned to ride electric unicycles through the circus community and started dancing with the wheel. Then I fell in love with off-road and speed riding too! I enjoy exploring all styles of riding and trying different PEVs!

Law Laxina. Been gracefully sending it since 2019. Been on every wheel since the 14d.

I’ve been riding for a little over 8 months. Started on an InMotion V8F to a Gotway Tesla V1 to an InMotion v11 and Begode RS19HT.

I’ve been riding dirt bikes, mountain bikes, 4×4, side by side, and now EUC. Started riding dirt bikes from age 5. I have various Begode wheels.

Riding since 2016, creative and inventive street rider specializing in street, freestyle and Skateparks/transitions. First to land many of my tricks and still the only one to do some. Inventor of the EUC Pedal Grind.

Hi, I’m Corey, AKA Wheelydope! I discovered EUCs about two years ago and purchased a Kingsong 16X as my first wheel. I’m currently riding the InMotion V11 and V12. I also enjoy riding my Onewheel Pint for daily dog walks!

I’ve been riding for 3 years, started on a Kingsong 18L and now ride a Begode RS HT for trails, and a Begode Monster Pro for street riding.

Jonah started riding about 2 years ago with an InMotion Vf5. A few months ago he got a Kingsong 16S for a little more range & speed.  He will be training for the games on a 1230wh MSX.

EUC.GIRL lives in California and has been riding EUCs for almost a year. Learn more about Nadia (EUC.GIRL) in the following interview.

Hi! I’m Chapeaux De Roue, I’m a freestyle rider living in Paris, France. I ride the InMotion V8 for freestyle tricks on flat ground and the Kingsong S18 for jumps, stairs, ramps and offroad.   .

Turbo is a NYC EUC rider who won the “Broadway Bomb” two years in a row on his Veteran Sherman “Caution Wheel”.  Turbo’s family has been affected by childhood cancer.  His family’s strength and resilience in the plight of their child’s cancer recovery inspired the Amped Electric Games to choose the American Childhood Cancer Organization as a partner to benefit other families afflicted with this disease.